I recently was lucky enough to attend a seminar in Las Vegas on “Women and Weight Loss”.  It was an amazing seminar and I will share lots of what I learned.  A book that was recommended to me “Younger Next Year for Women” just puts it into perspective in a simple way.  I want to share with you a little something from this book:


There is an $88 billion check out there waiting for the person who comes up with the next blockbuster diet book that says his or her gimmick really does work and will make you lose 50lbs in two weeks and keep it off for the rest of your life. Because there are a hundred million overweight americans who are panting to believe it.  Well, tough.  It’s not true.

The dreary, persistent fact is that diets don’t work: 95 percent of them fail!  Yo-Yoing up and down actually makes you gain weight.  So don’t diet.  Thats the headline.  Our advice is, basically, forget about it.  But exercise 6 days a week and QUIT EATING CRAP!

Not Losing a Pound

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